Casting Couch and Courage

I remember how degraded I felt when for the first time in my professional career I was told that the the only way I could work at 20th century fox was to go down on the executive that did the hiring at the division I wanted to work at. I came really close to doing it as I knew that seemed to be the only way to get any major studio work. I didn’t do it and it took 8 years before I actually worked there. I never told anyone about it until I wrote my book and even now I have never revealed his name as he is still very powerful.

The young man, Michael Egan, who came forward with his law suit is very brave as he will never work in Hollywood again.

I know that I was not the first to have sex attached to getting a job but I do know that by keeping quite I did finally did work- tho it took longer.

I wish I had the courage to go public when it happened but I was afraid


One thought on “Casting Couch and Courage

  1. It’s been so long, there probably wouldn’t be any repercussions for you now if you did go public, especially since no one can call you a “slut” or something since you didn’t do it.

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